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Wessel Gun Shop, Inc. has received its orders from the state of California.

We assume that any other licensed dealer, outside the state of California, that has shipped guns to licensed dealers in California, has received identical orders.

This is what the state of California demands:

Henceforth, any federally-licensed firearms dealer who wishes to ship a firearm to a federally-licensed firearms dealer in California must first request a Firearms Shipment Approval Letter from the state of Califonia. The shipping dealer must make a copy and retain it with his other firearms records, then enclose the original with the firearm(s) being shipped.

F.S.A.L. will be uniquely numbered. They will not be issued automatically; under certain circumstances, a Denial Letter will be issued. We presume a copy of this should be sent to the California dealer, in lieu of the expected firearm(s).

In the past, Wessel Gun Shop has been happy to ship guns anywhere in the continental United States, and we will continue to do so. Shipments to California, however, will require a $25 surcharge on the shipping charge, to defray the additional clerical costs.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

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